Windows 8 – The Unseen Revolution

Changing the perception towards TABLETS !


Note : Its recommended though not mandatory to read about the new features of windows 8 first!
I won’t entertain you with the NEW FEATURES that the software giants have produced! I would reveal the real game changer in tech world
Microsoft, the Software Giants, took a bang when it came to designing softwares for Smartfones. iOS & Android ruled it all!!
So were we seeing the end of a generation inspired by WINDOWS? Fortunately, Microsoft had a card up there sleeve.
No I am not talking about the evolution of icons into tiles, nor the “Windows Store”. Well its about, “Providing the same OS in the new Gen – tablets & PCs.” Google tried to do the same with its Chromebooks, but failed.
Lets first understand the place of Tablets – an ultra portable PC-cum-Phone. Actually the question that needs to be asked is – Is it as important to invest upon as is your PC or Smartfone? Going by majority, I say NO.
See you dont wanna work with the same set of files in three different gadgets, nor do you want just an added gadget in your bag. So where lies the future of the FUTURE DEVICE Tablets. Well talking about the near future, its – “Tablets replacing your PCs. Windows 8, the first step to it“. Replacing smartfones is a long shot.
And here, Microsoft wonderfully used the “virtual monopoly” that it commands in the world of PCs & made this segment its own, defeating Google & Apple who essentially turned tablets into a bigger smartphone. Thanx to windows 8, the perception for tablets will never be the same.

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Author: Abhishek Agarwal

"My most clear memories are those of the moments which seemed to cause a cognitive development in me."

4 thoughts on “Windows 8 – The Unseen Revolution”

    1. When PCs bcum a part of the furniture, it was XP (& similar interface) that was available, so call it the laziness to make effort to upgrade ur life that people r stiil using XP… but today i see majority of PCs using Windows 7… And Question that needs to be asked is Can Win8 replace Win7…..

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