There may be a Fine Line between “Immature Guys” & “High-School Playboys”

Obsession might make you look Bad!

Just like the curiosity to try out “beer” when you’re young, to tour abroad while you don’t have passport, there’s also the curiosity to “have a girl to call as girlfriend”.

A Boy may go around looking for a girlfriend; when he finds one – he pours all the “textbook-boyfriend” quotes on her. When he breaks up with that girl, he does the same to other girls. And we term him “playboy”. But Is he?

He may be a playboy, but he may be instead an immature. Too obsessed to have a girlfriend, that he does all that he could & ‘dubs’ that it’s from the bottom of his heart! But the fact that separates him from being a playboy is that he himself believes that it’s all straight from the heart. He is unaware of the “dubbing”. And its consequences are seen when girls buy it.

But that doesn’t make him guilty but immature.

Once even i believed one of such guy in my school to be a “playboy”. Pulled many strings to save my friend from this disease. But it gets more serious, when you grow into it, right till your 20’s. Then it becomes a real problem. A similar “kid” has made plans of marriage & thinks he mean it.

Anyways, the secret is be yourself first & latter a “perfect-boyfriend”. Before getting all serious with her, first understand yourself. Get rid of the obsession. Ask – Am I intimidated because she is around me or any-such-girl can give me same feeling. Only when whatever you do for her is not an impulse from brain but a pulse from heart, is when you know you’re ready. Or you would prove yourself a jerk infront of everyone. Do things for her not because she is labelled – My Girlfriend, but because you like her. Then you do justice to all.

And to all the girls out there, judge a guy by his actions, by the expression in his words & not his words. The sweet talk has lost its significance (to the Courtesy of The Visual Media).

Be true to yourself, & everything falls in place.

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Author: Abhishek Agarwal

I love to look at the world & find out the best thing about everything that exist in it. I love analyse, express & debate. Bill Gates - Idol; Tech-maniac: Android fan; Fast Bowling - Dale Steyn Fan; Photographer; Blogger

2 thoughts on “There may be a Fine Line between “Immature Guys” & “High-School Playboys””

  1. But atlast the jerk (immature person) should become mature and apologise to everyone he has hurt, especially the girl whose trust he broken and make her realise that she is still actually respected and cared.

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