Nature Is Not Our Slave, She Is Our Mother

ImageI was just digging some old stuff when I found one of my favorite speech that I had written as a conclusion to my presentation on pollution in my city. Here It Goes….

One thing I realized that

We never take nature into consideration. We just trust what’s shown on the screen but we never realize that it’s actually all a product of nature. A commodity has written on it that it is manufactured by so & so company but no one never includes the contribution of the nature & her different species. Every scientist thinks to make human life better but very few think of an invention serving the other kids (species) of Mother Nature.

Those few include APJ Abdul Kalam who started the study of ENV in India.


The primary reason is we were never taught to think about nature. We are never said to touch the feet of plants & praise them for giving us life.

We live for ourselves in search of proving us great in front of this world.

When we come to this earth, it’s the society we makes us to think about our family & becoming an engineer or a doctor. But no one ever teaches us to serve nature.

When there is a festival like Diwali there is a whole crowd in those sweet shops but why on environment day, there is no rush in those nurseries.

We worship all those idols & rituals which we have never seen but we forget to worship what’s in front of us.

Who has given us the right to encroach the land of the kids of nature & make them to feed on our waste? It’s worse than slavery. We have to remember just like we revolted against the British, the nature will revolt against us & make us to abandon our life.

It’s time to respect our mother. It’s time to remove all the boundaries & unite in order to serve our MOTHER EARTH.

Let’s become a human first, than a Hindu or a Muslim .

Let’s accept humanity as religion, the world as our country & the Nature as our Leader.

Thank You

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Author: Abhishek Agarwal

I love to look at the world & find out the best thing about everything that exist in it. I love analyse, express & debate. Bill Gates - Idol; Tech-maniac: Android fan; Fast Bowling - Dale Steyn Fan; Photographer; Blogger

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