Windows8 might just kill Microsoft

Why windows 8 might begin something & just end itself? Microsoft telling to use PCs not in the Windows way!

image313I know the title sounds contradictory to my last blog post on Windows 8 (Windows 8: The Unseen Revolution). It’s not because Windows 8 is bad, but it’s because of something else, read on!

What you really get when you buy windows 8 is “the smartfone experience too” on a bigger screen. Basically, Microsoft has taken their Mobile OS, their apps, their signature theme (the tiles), their entire interface & merged with their Desktop OS “Windows 7”. Let me explain this step by step.

When you press the power button, your computer quickly boots & shows you a lock screen – like the one you see on your smartfone, but beautiful indeed. Credit must be given to Microsoft for such a little boot time. It’s almost like switching on your phone. And ya, at this very step your PC will connect to a Wifi or any other connection, if available.

Next, you login which signs also you in to your Microsoft account. Then you see a flurry of tiles displaying you the updates(Coz it connects to Internet at the Lock Screen itself). The apps from Windows store, your softwares, all arranged on a beautiful background; much like a windows phone.

So if you are using a windows phone, then when you login you have all your apps available in front of you, all signed in with your ID. Here’s, where you switch between the 2 devices in real time. Even for those who don’t use a Windows phone, it’s somewhat usefull, atleast for the common apps like twitter or facebook. Microsoft really nailed this one.

Now, press the start button or click on the “Desktop” tile & what you see is exactly like your Windows 7. So basically, you have access to the interface of a Windows Phone plus the interface of the beloved Windows 7 available at the hit of the “Start” button.

But, you can use the two parts or any two apps side by side like depicted in the picture above. Also, if you are doing your usual PC stuff, or using an app, all the notifications from any of your apps (for e.g. a new message on the FB chat) is prompted just like in your smartfone. That’s the beauty of Having apps : NOTIFICATIONS!

But then there is a Big Problem in Windows Apps: not only the Windows Store is very limited, but the apps made for the OS are like Smartphone Apps scaled up. What that essentially means is suppose you use a service, say WordPress or Facebook. Both this services provide most essential facilities in the App but there complete features and options are available on their web version only. So why would I wanna access the limited App version on a Desktop! Also you can get the Notifications from your superior Android apps from your phone via apps like Krome. So while it’s a great idea, it’s not very well executed!

Also I thought the two parts would be interwoven much deeply but they are not. Even the control panel are different for both the parts. Also, the OS comes with different apps for different parts like there is the usual Windows Media Player for the Desktop and “Music” & “Video” as individual Apps.

So basically you get the cream of Smartphones  on your computer which is good. But now here’s where Microsoft is in danger. Either people, who haven’t used windows phone yet, will get to know what it feels like & that will boost up the Windows Phone sales or people will start getting used to the idea of a very different way of using the PC-different from the way we would with the previous Windows OS, & that might pave the way for other OS like the Chrome. The former scenario is quite unlikely considering that people are so much into iOS/Android that it’s very unlikely that they switch to Windows phone. The people might get over Windows, because it’s the Microsoft that is making people get over it with the Smartfone experience in Win8. Here’s where the era of using PCs primarily with Windows might slowly end.

Even, while I was using Windows 8, I was getting most of my jobs done via the Smartfone part of the OS.

Most of us will admit that we spend more time on our Smartfones rather than on PC. So why buy a smartfone that looks like my PC rather than a PC that looks like my smartfone. Don’t you wanna interact with your set of data with the same rules rather switching between two completely different games? I talked about how important this factor could be especially with the dawn of Tablets in my last blog post. It’s a slow process, but the revolution has kicked off.


Author: Abhishek Agarwal

"My most clear memories are those of the moments which seemed to cause a cognitive development in me."

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