How I met my “love for Softwares”?

What are my interests? Is software engineering best suited or some other like a filmmaker? Can I do it for my entire life? Can I be more lively doing it?

If you’ve read my blog post (Awake for Almost 40 hrs, still couldn’t sleep!), you probably have a good idea of my last two years.

Here’s a gist: I wanted to go to an IIT (Group of Top Engineering Institutes in India). Due to exaggeratingly interpreted facts leading to a lot of unrequired pressure, I decided to put aside everything, even “programming”, to prepare myself for the entrance exams. Haven’t typed a line of code since 1.5 years, I realized that I no longer have interest in Softwares. I was completely doomed as the reason I came out to an alien city & dedicated 2 years of my life no longer exists.

Now when you lose your primary passion, your other interests come to the surface. Here’s a list of mine:

• I love to look at this world, & then analyse, understand, reason & post my reviews on almost everything. I want to see the beauty of everything; find out the very reason of it’s existence. Like to appreciate even the most insignificant of things.
• This is evident in my trick of photography:
Whenever there is a subject in front of me, I ask myself: “What are the great things about this subject & how to bring those to life in my picture?”
• After having understood the pros & cons of everything, I like to use my head & innovate ways to make this imperfect world-perfect.
• Not just innovating ways, but to figure out how to make people adapt it.
• That’s why I love to meet new people & know their perception at things – How they appreciate the different abilities of the tools available to them & how ready they are to change. And ya, did I say I love debates?
• So I like to look at the world with my eye & paint this world with the right perception.

During those times, watching movies & TV Series was one of my favourite pastime. I was really fascinated by the very fact that how effectively the visual media can be used to tell the world about the world inside you. A perfect field where everything on my list can be satisfied. So I thought may be my field is “Filmmaker”.

But then life is funny. Something that has been lost in time, returned. I was then “awake for almost 40 hrs, still couldn’t sleep.
I again started to believe that creating softwares is a great work. But am I really passionate about it?
Do I need to know my audience to create a software? Is the way people use technology define them? Will I be changing the world with my perception?

facebook-cheat-sheet-resized-600.jpgThat day, I took a task: looked-up at websites & started analyzing them. The first bait was Facebook. I found out the awesome things we can do with the tools facebook provides. I jotted down the changes in the interface to bring those to the surface. For this, I interrogated few of my friends on what things they do with facebook & their perception. I analysed various other SNS, mixed it with my innnovations, & created a perfect interface for facebook. And one week later, on 7th March, there it was : A new Facebook News Feed released with all the major changes I wanted. I guess the answer to all those questions was “Yes, Yes, Yes & Yes.”

Sometimes I look back & ask: “Why life took away 2 years of growing creativity from me?” But then if it hadn’t, I would have never realised the correct way to define interests and capabilities which was not by those grades/marks. I would not have realized the true reason of “Why I want to be a Software Engineer?”

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Author: Abhishek Agarwal

I love to look at the world & find out the best thing about everything that exist in it. I love analyse, express & debate. Bill Gates - Idol; Tech-maniac: Android fan; Fast Bowling - Dale Steyn Fan; Photographer; Blogger

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