Innovative Ways to publicize on #Twitter

Twitter is the best to publicize to the people unknown.

Twitter Blog

  1. To every tweet, add a trademark hashtag to it. For example, all of my tweets regarding my blog have the hashtag: #abhishek1point0. This is very useful, because whenever people find your tweet about any of your blogpost,firm etc., they are just a click away from the rest of the tweets because all they have to do is click on your “trademark” hashtag (in this case #abhishek1point0), & all the tweets are in front of them. Suppose you are organizing an event, then all the tweets could have  a common hastag #EventName & then all people had to do is click on it & all the tweets are their on one page.
  2. Your tweet must contain as many hashtags as possible. In case of a blog, add all the tags you gave to your blogpost as hashtags in your tweet. Also, remember to write the category of your posts as hashtag.
  3. Choose tags wisely: Check the terminology used & latest trends on twitter, & then choose your tags.
  4. Timely post updates about your blog or events,etc. stats & features, like your blog got to a certain amount of hits. Post it with the categories of your blog hastagged. This will help you to be up on the timeline

The best thing about publicizing via twitter:

When you publicize via facebook, people other than your “friends” aren’t able to see it unless it’s shared by one of your friend. So your blog reaches only till “Friends of Friends.” But, when you use twitter, first of all, all your tweets are completely public.

Now, person using twitter does either of these things:

  • Tweet
  • Scroll through the feed
  • Read tweets based on his/her interests

It’s at the last one when twitter becomes awesome. Whenever anybody searches for a particular trend(hashtag), twitter shows all the latest posts on that trend regardless of who posted that tweet. So that means a high-chance of people bumming into your tweet.

Some stats:

Followers to Referrals ratio on twitter is 1:4 whereas on facebook it is 1:0.5 for my blog. Hence, twitter is Awesome!

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Author: Abhishek Agarwal

"My most clear memories are those of the moments which seemed to cause a cognitive development in me."

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