Why iPhone 5S has the most outdated Hardware Design?

Apple had a much more improved guts in 5S. The Software design changed but the Hardware design remains the same. They introduced Fingerprint Scanner and flattened out the Home button but it still is outdated. Check out why?


Apple has retained a similar form factor since iPhone 4 but got a lot thinner, lighter and longer. It beefed up to 4-inch display but it has the same Box Shaped structure. Now, the problem with Box Shape is that it’s very contrary to the shape of our hands. HTC brought this to light with HTC One. It has a nice-curved back (imitating our palm) and inclined edges (like our fingers) which made this 5-inch phone almost organically fit our hands.



Apple in their iOS use to make the touch buttons look like physical buttons. They preferred Skeuomorphism. But then they (finally) realized that people don’t use physical buttons anymore and switched to elegant, modern flat design in iOS7.  But then why there is a physical “Home Button”. It’s a cognitive interference in the all-touch phone. Besides, double-tapping and long press will be much more effortless with touch buttons. It will also help Apple to decrease the bezels width.

Google took touch buttons to another level by allowing you to swipe up the home button to access Google Now. It is much more intuitive and fun than having to long press to access Apple’s Siri (iOS’s answer to Android’s Google Now).


When aspect ratio changed to 16:9 from 4:3, 5-inch Android giants got a lot narrower and felt right. Suddenly, that 5-inch was not a problem but worth it. It also allowed easier one-finger functionality as it is now much easier to reach the edges of the screen. HTC One design removed the final problems with larger screens, making them, a lesser bulk! Now, I am not asking Apple to move to 5-inch but atleast go to 4.3 inch or more. And, that extra size does make a difference. It wil make it broader and display larger. Apple is testing out larger models, though!


After using Android for a while, I really miss that Back button, coz most of the times, I don’t wanna go all the way back to the Home Screen but just a step backwards. And I don’t wanna search for the Back Button integrated in the App (assuming it’s there).

iPhone still lacks Notification light and uses flash instead which is simply, absurd! A blinking Apple logo squeezed between Home & a Back Button (or anywhere else) would be awesome, although it is like asking iPhone to run Android (OOPS!)


Author: Abhishek Agarwal

"My most clear memories are those of the moments which seemed to cause a cognitive development in me."

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