Is the new iPhone 5S features a Deal Maker?

Whether you should upgrade to iPhone 5S from iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S? Should you ditch your Android/Windows Phone to buy it? Should you upgrade from cheaper Android phones to iPhone 5S? Let’s check it out!

TOUCH IDtouchid_hero

In case you are still unaware, it’s a fingerprint scanner embedded right beneath the home button. Inspite of typing the passcode and swiping, repeatedly throughout the day, you can simply put your finger on the home button and it’s unlocked. You can calibrate it for multiple fingerprints though and use it to buy stuff from iTunes Store.

You can hack it with a copy of the person’s fingerprint. But that’s not a problem because it’s not designed to provide you top class vault-like security. It is designed to make things convenient and it does it’s job pretty well.

Conclusion: It makes Smartfone use more convenient  at best. I don’t use unlock passcode on my phone, coz I don’t mind friends/acquaintances use my phone. Besides, I can never say no to my friends. All I want is stop people to open certain apps like my messages, etc. and Touch ID doesn’t put lock on individual apps.



Apple really impressed me with their tweaks in Camera. The aperture size is increased from f/2.4 to f/2.2 which allows 33% more light. It sits right beside the low-light king- HTC’s Ultrapixel Camera and the fact that it’s 8 MP and not 4MP (as in HTC), makes it awesome. Although, it still captures 4:3 photos instead of wide 16:9 (as in HTC) which bothers me.

The Dual-LED flash has one amber and one white light. Mixing them in different proportions produces 1000 levels of illumination for different conditions. Although, the Camera is still not intelligent enough to give you the right colours in flash photography. In worse situations, it might make your photos too warm to your liking.

Verdict: Every high-end smartphone camera is good enough for your general needs. But if you care about little technical details, it’s better you buy a DSLR. It’s my favourite camera in the whole of iOS/Android SmartPhone world though it still not ‘the’ reason why I would buy an iPhone. FYI, Nokia Lumia 1020 sports the best camera.

M7 – The Motion Co-Processor

Apple has installed a different processor to handle information from Accelerometer, Gyroscope, & Compass Support i.e. every motion of your phone except GPS.

It saves battery as every time there’s motion to be tracked, the central (A7) processor need not be fired up! For the same reason, M7 can remain on all throughout the day, tracking continuously which opens gates to whole new range of health and fitness apps. You don’t have to rely on that silly wrist band anymore.

Verdict: If you are a fitness freak, it is a great though bulkier alternative to your fitness gears. To others, you will simply go through your day without realizing that your iPhone knows exactly how you spent it!

A7 & 64-bit ARCHITECTUREku-xlarge

A7 is a beast. It beats every other phone in the Benchmark Ratings by a mile. I guess Apple made it for the ‘full multitasking support introduced on iOS7 like we have on Android.

Verdict: Although, it might not make a difference to you because there is nothing that requires a processor as good as this. Even, phones like HTC One and Galaxy S4 which is way behind on benchmarks, don’t have any lag whatsoever. So again, it is not ‘the’ reason for me to switch to iPhones! Apple must be credited to bring 64-bit App Support for the first time on phones. It allows you to go past 4 GB of RAM, which obviously not gonna happen anytime soon. It slightly improves the Graphics on your iPhone, but won’t make a difference at all.


To the fitness freaks, M7 is a great reason to buy this phone.

If you are an iPhone 5 user, there is nothing much to spend all that money to go for 5S unless you just can’t live without Goldpagne iPhone.

This is the right time to upgrade from iPhone 4/4S to 5S also because iOS7 packs more features and works a lot batter on the 5th Gen.

People using Android Flagship Devices, should stick to it. iOS can never do everything Android can do coz the latter is an open OS based on Linux. But, Android is still better than most things iOS7 can do at a lower price.

People looking to upgrade from their cheaper Android phones, should upgrade to the flagship devices. You would find iOS7 mostly disappointing after using Android. But, if you want the 4-inch display and have money to spend, go for 5S, not the 5C coz 5C will get as old as iPhone 5 in a year, not the 5S!

People using Windows Phone, can go for 5C to retain a similar experience. Unless, you can try Android and you will never look back!


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Author: Abhishek Agarwal

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