Battle of IMs – BBM vs WhatsApp vs hike vs FB Messenger

IM BBM vs WhatsApp vs hike vs Facebook Messenger

The table clearly shows that BBM is different in terms of Security. It starts with the unique email-password combination and then gives a unique pin like a unique user ID. Except the PIN is unique to the device too. But the question here is: Do you need this?

If you are constantly bugged by people having your numbers, then you can switch to BBM which allows only those people to send you a message, whose request you’ve accepted. But then, this people can bug you by other means too. Most people like to publicly declare their BBM Pin. Well, in that case you will be bugged by people’s requests, anyways. It’s better on WhatsApp or hike, where you can block this contacts without them knowing about it.

BBM can help you when you want to IM with a person but don’t wanna give your number. We all have various friends whom you just IM and not talk. But, for most of such instances, I am happy to give my number otherwise you always have Facebook or also Google Hangouts, if you want.

hike is the only one to offer a unified SMS/IM coversation thread. Other IMs offer a SMS support but in hike, the conversation threads are merged into one. If you live in India, this threads also combine the free SMS that you can send via hike over the Internet.

Read Status on Facebook Messenger and hike. Hence, people will know whether you’ve ignored their messages or not. Only on BBM, you have control on who sends you IMs. Although,

On hike or WhatsApp anybody can add you to a group without your permission and then everybody knows about that non-stop flow of Group Messages. Although, on WhatsApp you can turn off Notifications from Groups.

BBM allows me to send files other than Multimedia which may be a boon to corporates but I send more Multimedia than Office files and hence I need 15MB and not the 6MB limit on BBM. I am happy to use DropBox for all my office files, if and when I require. And, you always have the e-mails at your disposal. Also, I access most Office files on a Big Screen rather than Phones.

Voice Chatting (Walky-Talky like) is much better integrated in WhatsApp. Hike is a close second, FB Messenger a third while it’s almost useless on BBM.

Winner: hike

It saves me from the burden of BBM Pins. It’s a much better version of WhatsApp as is evident from the Table. I don’t mind the Groups problem as I haven’t faced it till today. Although, I miss Broadcasts available on BBM or WhatsApp. Also, living in India, I can send SMS for free over the internet, it all displays as a part of a single conversation string.


Author: Abhishek Agarwal

"My most clear memories are those of the moments which seemed to cause a cognitive development in me."

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