If you’re an Indian, Apple Music is the Streaming service to go for

I am a music lover. I mean, Who isn’t? I am one of those who likes to have a song for every moment in my life. I like to give every type of music a moment in my life. And that’s why I want every song ever recorded on my fingerprints. Born & brought up in West of India, parents from East of india, and now living in South, I am living through a phase of great cultural mix. Add to these the Internet, and I have a full course of  culture.  And Apple Music serves it in the best manner. How?

Inavailability of Major Streaming Services

In India, we don’t have Spotify or Pandora or Google Play Music. And our in-house streaming services like Gaana or Saavn, don’t really complete the job of delivering the foreign songs & playlists like Spotify does. I used Spotify via VPN for 2 weeks and I fell in love with it. Also, none of them has a desktop application which means I can’t save songs offline on my laptop and play to my stereo. And the music player in general,SUCKs.

Apple Music is available with none of those flaws & at just INR 120/month (about USD 2.00). It has the foreign collection. But it really sucks at delivering Indian Music. It misses songs from biggest music label T-Series among others. So why Apple Music?

Apple-Music-App-iOS-9‘THE’ Reason to go for Apple Musicapple-music-icloud-status-matched-playlist-screenshot

Ans : iCloud. Apple Music can play all the songs from your hard drive with the songs you streamed.

It also uploads those songs to iCloud allowing me to access my library from every device with an Internet Connection and Apple’s applications. So whenever I don’t find a song in the streaming service, I buy from iTunes or get it from somewhere else 😉 and all my songs is in the same place, playing together in a single Queue.

Also, if you own MUSIC CDs like I do, you would wanna play those songs at Lossless formats along with all the other songs. And if you are Taylor Swift or The Beatles fan, Apple Music can do the job of having them in the same QUEUE.  I am not gonna wait for that streaming service which has every song ever.

And this is the assurance I need. I don’t wanna rely on the potentials of a particular library. I want to create my own library coupled with the benefits of a streaming service.

PS. Android app for Apple Music will be released in September. Already available for Desktop via iTunes and on iOS.


Author: Abhishek Agarwal

"My most clear memories are those of the moments which seemed to cause a cognitive development in me."

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