The Next Stage in the Evolution of Smartphones

No matter how much these companies try to convince you that their LATEST phone is going to change your life, smartphones have reached a Plateau. The five basics of Smartphone: Build, Display, Camera, Performance & Battery have matured to a stage, where they can do mostly everything we hope to do with our phones, even for the next 2-3 years. And I think this is not something to be disappointed about, but something that should be celebrated. It allows for the smartphone industry to fine tune the various inventions made over the years, most importantly to be able to integrate these little pieces of ‘magic’ into the very strata of human lifestyle. And this is perhaps the most exciting part… as Smartphones’ true potential lies in the democracy that it brings to Personal Computing, weaving the Next Billion into this stage of civilization.

Smartphones have to overcome their Socio-Economic hurdles, be as robustly accessible and consumed as, say, ELECTRICITY.

For this to happen, smartphones have to overcome their Socio-Economic hurdles, be as robustly accessible as, say, ELECTRICITY.  And that can’t be sufficed by great engineering. For that, companies have to catapult the socio-economic nature of smartphone age.

One key aspect is : “contagious adoption”. This, in the shadow of modern networking, has never had featured such INFLUENTIAL levels.  And what we call, the Information Age, is literal to the phenomena like OnePlus, or Justin Bieber.

I am not a Belieber, but a fan of OnePlus. They have successfully leveraged the fruits of a Mature Industry. It emerged as the surrogate child of the Nexus line-up. In a gist : The open-source Android, a third party combo of Processor, Display & Camera Sensor and the production powerhouse of China reduces the burden on R&D. This when propelled by Organic Marketing through the Internet allows OnePlus to redefine “Premium” as “Economical”. And their latest phone is ever so close to succeeding just that. Not branding, but a tangible element like pricing is categorizing Smartphones, reinventing the socio-economic system we are a part of.

OnePlus has successfully leveraged the fruits of a Mature Industry.

So now What makes a Phone premium? I think this is a metric on which the “latest and greatest” smartphones should be compared & categorized. Should a premium device  be the ultimate “NEVER SETTLE” device? It’s like imagining OnePlus combat the law of diminishing return it itself brought in the smartphone industry.  It’s like asking, “What would a $800 OnePlus smartphone will look like?”

The scope of this question covers the multiple levels of the Socio-Technical System the next billion would be a part of. Let’s rewind back a little. What made iPhone an eponymous success in 2007, was the perfect blend of two Portable devices, eventually building a device which can replace every portable device an average consumer carries. And an Input Method like Touch was as robust as it was user friendly.

This set of philosophies making the smartphone is now ready to evolove to include philosophies of a Pro Device. One of the new chapters in the evolution of Smartphones is the “Creator’s Smartphone”. What made personal computers so revolutionary is that they gave average humans access to tools, not accessible before. It’s the democratization that comes with Personal Creating! So should Smartphones pack in the technology of PRO Portable Devices, and maybe reinvent them in the process?

It’s the democratization that comes with Personal Creating!

We already have an infrastructure for this. Platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook etc. has proved socially & economically viable to support this new lifestyle. Drones, Action Cams, GoPros, Digitizers etc. are more portable, economic and easy-to-use than ever, giving the Amateurs a chance to play with the professional routines.

And a Smartphone lies at the core of this universe. A glimpse of this can be seen in phones like LG V20 and Galaxy Note. It’s a step in imbibing the key philosophies of a Professional Device.

A chance to play with the professional routines.

This eco-system cannot be, and is not just a stepping stone from Amateur to Professional. It is powered by a modern technical system which can independently grow.

In other words, It’s not just the Commerce that platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, etc stand on. It imbibes an Artistic value which grows under the character of Amateurism. Powered by the nature of Internet, creating a plethora of Independent Artists, independent of the traditional institutions of our society. Innovation allowed to find its own path. A prominent phenomenon in the pop culture, something that should be recognized and celebrated. Technology grows more influential as the Liberator. This chapter brightens up the vision of indulging in a dialogue between the Technology and the Art, more intimate than ever.

Innovation allowed to find its own path.


Author: Abhishek Agarwal

"My most clear memories are those of the moments which seemed to cause a cognitive development in me."

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