Photographs that make me feel Jealous


“If you want to grow, step out of your comfort zone.” Well, jealousy is pretty discomforting. I feel a sense of envy when I come across certain pictures which I could have created as well with the gear I had. I feel envious of pictures which were clicked at the same location as I was, in the same lighting I had. I feel envious of situations which I came across but never taught to capture. Better pictures by my Junior photographer.

Now, there are some saints who don’t feel this emotion. But imperfect people like me tend to feel a sense of it, every now & then. Now generally, you would choose to ignore it.

Instead, I choose to save these photographs. Now you can argue on the motivational drive from jealousy. But what I am interested in is the fact that these pictures are essentially in my reach. In photography, the equipment available to you plays a big role. Hence, consuming pictures which are achievable with current resources is of paramount importance.

Hence, I dissect these pictures from the thought to camera settings to final editing. The fact is: these pictures are the most direct examples of the very next step into growing my photography.

The emotion of Jealousy is a sign. Someone asked me recently, ” I want to consume pictures that will help me grow my perspective.” Well, you can start with pictures that make you feel jealous.


  • Try to understand the new tricks applied and the purpose. And when you yourself apply these tricks, first check if it serves the purpose.

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

"My most clear memories are those of the moments which seemed to cause a cognitive development in me."

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