Save me with a Kiss

Come close. Closer. Align your eyes with mine and look at the world like I do. I am trusting you with my vision. I am getting nervous, vulnerable!

So what do you see. A girl? She is beautiful, ain’t she? But she doesn’t think so, nor do my friends. But then why couldn’t I take my eyes off her? I was puzzled, but not anymore. I know why! I see what others don’t. I see the perfect frame. The frame that captures her inner beauty. It’s those rare expressions specific to her, each telling a story, that caught my eye. It has made a deep impression in my mind. So deep that whenever I see her, that frame flashes in front of me. I wait. Wait for that expression, wait for my heart to skip a beat.
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The Girl Across The Room

After taking a year off, sitting at home devoid of any social life, it was finally the first day of college. I entered the class hoping to make some new friends. But I joined college late and soon found myself sitting silent all by myself enduring the ever apathetic lecturer. Equally apathetic were the faces of the students. There were some pretty ones. But you see pretty eventually just gets boring. So I keep turning my head, few degrees at a time, and I see right across the room, a girl sitting alone trying to figure out this alien place for it was her first day too. I felt like occupying the seat next to her for she seemed intriguing. A book I wanna read. But why her?

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Be a Hopeless Romantic!

A Great Story always features love. Love for a Person, for a Work, for Country, for.. Basically Anything!

A Great Story always features love. Love for a Person, for a Work, for Country, for.. Basically Anything!

So one day you decide you will follow your heart, no matter what. And in your quest, you are filled with Love and Passion. You try to be honest to yourself hence taking decisions you never thought you would.

So you walk on a path nobody taught you should. But, life gives you no assurances. There’s no absolute sign if you are truly following your heart or not. If you are truly filled with passion.

You will feel alone. You may be surrounded by sadness. You may feel lost. And, you start questioning if you were truly following your heart all this while?

That’s a hard place to be at. Tough. I don’t know what to do at that moment. But, I still hope “one day, you take the decision to follow your heart, No matter what! Coz every great story features Love.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Why you should Date?

Allow life to gift you a lifetime of happiness.

I look at this world & I feel I have so little time. Little time to know & live every awesome thing in this world. But then, what’s awesome highly differs from person to person. So what are the things I think is awesome? No, I am not talking about what career path I want to pursue or what things I am passionate about. What I am talking about is the attitude I wanna live my life with. The attitude that will make all the choices. The attitude that will define the things I want out of my life.

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Hey Mom, I am not a Virgin Anymore!

How To Convince your MOM about Pre-marital sex?

VirginityI live in Surat, the fastest growing city in India. Now, living in such a city, I still don’t know a single girl, with a “good-upbringing”, who would say that, “Ya, I don’t mind having sex before marriage.” Sex, a very common word in English, is an equally uncommon word in Hindi.That explains how ignorant parents are to educate their kid about birds & bees.

Now, I could write in today’s post, statements convincing “these” girls that pre-marital sex are ethical. But I am so not interested in that for I don’t intend to sleep with all these girls. Ya, in that matter I am little old-fashioned. But what I am interested in is to convince my mother – and for that sake all parents.

So let’s get started:

  1. Arrange – Marriage Comparison

Now, ask your parents, most of them “arrange marriaged”, what was the time difference between their first meet & wedding night. 6 months, 8 or may be a year. So they slept with a person they didn’t even know a few months ago. So now if that’s justifiable, why not having sex with person you date for a year or more. Just because you didn’t take a “stamp” from the society doesn’t make you guilty. Also, why would I not seek the certificate of approval from my parents if a particular person is good enough for me or not, if they didn’t had a problem with me dating.

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The Theory Of Everything (Signs Of Love)

When you know you will have everything…….

Yesterday, the valentine’s day, I felt something. Something I knew it exists.
Every person you love plays a part in your life. But life takes away your loved ones. A part of your heart feels lonely, dejected, unsatified.
But when that person arrives who can laugh with you like a friend, care like a mother, protect you from the bitterness of the world like a teacher, & love you like a passionate lover – you know your heart isnt empty anymore.

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There may be a Fine Line between “Immature Guys” & “High-School Playboys”

Obsession might make you look Bad!

Just like the curiosity to try out “beer” when you’re young, to tour abroad while you don’t have passport, there’s also the curiosity to “have a girl to call as girlfriend”.

A Boy may go around looking for a girlfriend; when he finds one – he pours all the “textbook-boyfriend” quotes on her. When he breaks up with that girl, he does the same to other girls. And we term him “playboy”. But Is he?
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