Save me with a Kiss

Come close. Closer. Align your eyes with mine and look at the world like I do. I am trusting you with my vision. I am getting nervous, vulnerable!

So what do you see. A girl? She is beautiful, ain’t she? But she doesn’t think so, nor do my friends. But then why couldn’t I take my eyes off her? I was puzzled, but not anymore. I know why! I see what others don’t. I see the perfect frame. The frame that captures her inner beauty. It’s those rare expressions specific to her, each telling a story, that caught my eye. It has made a deep impression in my mind. So deep that whenever I see her, that frame flashes in front of me. I wait. Wait for that expression, wait for my heart to skip a beat.
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The Girl Across The Room

After taking a year off, sitting at home devoid of any social life, it was finally the first day of college. I entered the class hoping to make some new friends. But I joined college late and soon found myself sitting silent all by myself enduring the ever apathetic lecturer. Equally apathetic were the faces of the students. There were some pretty ones. But you see pretty eventually just gets boring. So I keep turning my head, few degrees at a time, and I see right across the room, a girl sitting alone trying to figure out this alien place for it was her first day too. I felt like occupying the seat next to her for she seemed intriguing. A book I wanna read. But why her?

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Be a Hopeless Romantic!

A Great Story always features love. Love for a Person, for a Work, for Country, for.. Basically Anything!

A Great Story always features love. Love for a Person, for a Work, for Country, for.. Basically Anything!

So one day you decide you will follow your heart, no matter what. And in your quest, you are filled with Love and Passion. You try to be honest to yourself hence taking decisions you never thought you would.

So you walk on a path nobody taught you should. But, life gives you no assurances. There’s no absolute sign if you are truly following your heart or not. If you are truly filled with passion.

You will feel alone. You may be surrounded by sadness. You may feel lost. And, you start questioning if you were truly following your heart all this while?

That’s a hard place to be at. Tough. I don’t know what to do at that moment. But, I still hope “one day, you take the decision to follow your heart, No matter what! Coz every great story features Love.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Put a Bullet Through my Head

Being a Teenager or anyone who is trying to discover oneself or the world outside, comes accross various observations, ideas, dilemma. This article is an excerpt of what goes in my Brain!

Thoughts rising in my mind, about to collide. Looking to define the world outside & inside me. Looking to make a change. Being ambitious, more and more. I’m believing in my thoughts. My thoughts are believing in me. I think I can do it.

But then the collision occurs. The moment of impact launches me into reality. Are my thoughts right? Can I do it? Can my thoughts do it? Can they change the world?

I’m getting nervous. Losing confidence in me being able to live my ambition! They were right, Ambition is the enemy of Success; realising it over and over again. So I think all I should want is some satisfaction at the end.

But living my perfect version of life is what gonna make me satisfied. Having known that I seized the moment. So I think my ambition isn’t about the goal, it’s about the journey. That perfect way.

So what is it?

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I can never Hate a person, coz I cannot Hate myself.

I hope after reading my blogpost, you will think about every person you’ve ever hated. Every person you’ve judged as bad and Think about FORGIVING them, Giving them a Chance. Hatred makes you emotionally unstable. Sometimes obsessed with revenge. I hope you get yourself out of this pit of emotional instabilities.

I can never truly hate a person. It may look like that I hate a person, but I actually don’t. I may enjoy the grumbling, especially when there’s a group of people fueling it, but who doesn’t.

The point being even though the evidences are clear and I have every reason to hate a person, I can’t.
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I am still a Freedom Fighter!

ImageOn the independence day, we celebrate the freedom but do we recognize each other’s freedom? When our country gained independence, we gained the “right to be make ourselves free.” But have we succeeded?

We are still controlled by the fear of society, fear of being rejected. I look forward to see a place where we are free to love whoever we want to. Free to express love without being judged guilty. Marry whomever we want to, and when we want to. Study what my heart falls in love with.

We live in a society where we don’t even have the freedom of choosing what we wanna cover our body with, if at all we want to. Why should the society judge me if I choose to support live-in relationships or pre-marital sex?

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How to make your life better these Vacations?

I see people, post their exams & results, in this three avatars:

1. Walking on the path they set for them.

2. So far so good, but have no idea of what’s next.

3. Performed terribly & have no idea how to bounce back.

Now, you would rank these conditions as 3 being the worst & 1 the best. But I wouldn’t!

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