Battle of IMs – BBM vs WhatsApp vs hike vs FB Messenger

IM BBM vs WhatsApp vs hike vs Facebook Messenger

The table clearly shows that BBM is different in terms of Security. It starts with the unique email-password combination and then gives a unique pin like a unique user ID. Except the PIN is unique to the device too. But the question here is: Do you need this?

If you are constantly bugged by people having your numbers, then you can switch to BBM which allows only those people to send you a message, whose request you’ve accepted. But then, this people can bug you by other means too. Most people like to publicly declare their BBM Pin. Well, in that case you will be bugged by people’s requests, anyways. It’s better on WhatsApp or hike, where you can block this contacts without them knowing about it.

BBM can help you when you want to IM with a person but don’t wanna give your number. We all have various friends whom you just IM and not talk. But, for most of such instances, I am happy to give my number otherwise you always have Facebook or also Google Hangouts, if you want.

hike is the only one to offer a unified SMS/IM coversation thread. Other IMs offer a SMS support but in hike, the conversation threads are merged into one. If you live in India, this threads also combine the free SMS that you can send via hike over the Internet.

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Is the new iPhone 5S features a Deal Maker?

Whether you should upgrade to iPhone 5S from iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S? Should you ditch your Android/Windows Phone to buy it? Should you upgrade from cheaper Android phones to iPhone 5S? Let’s check it out!

TOUCH IDtouchid_hero

In case you are still unaware, it’s a fingerprint scanner embedded right beneath the home button. Inspite of typing the passcode and swiping, repeatedly throughout the day, you can simply put your finger on the home button and it’s unlocked. You can calibrate it for multiple fingerprints though and use it to buy stuff from iTunes Store.

You can hack it with a copy of the person’s fingerprint. But that’s not a problem because it’s not designed to provide you top class vault-like security. It is designed to make things convenient and it does it’s job pretty well.

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Why iPhone 5S has the most outdated Hardware Design?

Apple had a much more improved guts in 5S. The Software design changed but the Hardware design remains the same. They introduced Fingerprint Scanner and flattened out the Home button but it still is outdated. Check out why?


Apple has retained a similar form factor since iPhone 4 but got a lot thinner, lighter and longer. It beefed up to 4-inch display but it has the same Box Shaped structure. Now, the problem with Box Shape is that it’s very contrary to the shape of our hands. HTC brought this to light with HTC One. It has a nice-curved back (imitating our palm) and inclined edges (like our fingers) which made this 5-inch phone almost organically fit our hands.

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I am still a Freedom Fighter!

ImageOn the independence day, we celebrate the freedom but do we recognize each other’s freedom? When our country gained independence, we gained the “right to be make ourselves free.” But have we succeeded?

We are still controlled by the fear of society, fear of being rejected. I look forward to see a place where we are free to love whoever we want to. Free to express love without being judged guilty. Marry whomever we want to, and when we want to. Study what my heart falls in love with.

We live in a society where we don’t even have the freedom of choosing what we wanna cover our body with, if at all we want to. Why should the society judge me if I choose to support live-in relationships or pre-marital sex?

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What Rooting does to your Smartfone? (in simple terms)

Fact: We have been using Rooted Devices all along. Windows, Macs, etc. are all rooted operating systems. And if some day, Microsoft/Apple decide to unroot their OS, we will be doomed! But, sadly our “Pocket PCs” (smartfones are not rooted) !

What is Rooting (in Layman’s Terms)?


When you buy an android, you buy a stack of resources. Now, Google creates tools or APIs which the apps use. For example, Google creates a tool to allow widgets in the lock screen and developers create apps to take advantage of that. Apps need APIs to do their job.

Android is based on Linux. So developers can rather create APIs required by their apps so as to get the job done instead of waiting for Google to create them. But when you root the device, the apps do not have to rely on the set of tools. They can directly access the resources according to needs. So, now, now you can have widgets even in the Notifications Bar.

Now, people often restrain from rooting coz it voids warranty. Now the question lies is how risky is to take the leap of faith and root?

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How to make your life better these Vacations?

I see people, post their exams & results, in this three avatars:

1. Walking on the path they set for them.

2. So far so good, but have no idea of what’s next.

3. Performed terribly & have no idea how to bounce back.

Now, you would rank these conditions as 3 being the worst & 1 the best. But I wouldn’t!

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How free I wanna be?

Since my childhood, I’ve been taught the rules to follow. The rules to appear good, rules to behave well. No, I am not talking about my parents but about every single person belonging to this society who have together written this rule book.

I wanna live in a world with no shackles. I wanna feel that way!

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