Innovative Ways to publicize on #Twitter

Twitter is the best to publicize to the people unknown.

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  1. To every tweet, add a trademark hashtag to it. For example, all of my tweets regarding my blog have the hashtag: #abhishek1point0. This is very useful, because whenever people find your tweet about any of your blogpost,firm etc., they are just a click away from the rest of the tweets because all they have to do is click on your “trademark” hashtag (in this case #abhishek1point0), & all the tweets are in front of them. Suppose you are organizing an event, then all the tweets could have  a common hastag #EventName & then all people had to do is click on it & all the tweets are their on one page. Continue reading “Innovative Ways to publicize on #Twitter”

I wish I had a DSLR for this Pic

I was in the biggest mall of the world – The Dubai Mall, when I took this pic. It was some 5 years ago, when the days-passed since I first held a Digicam could be counted on your hand. Continue reading “I wish I had a DSLR for this Pic”

Why is this Pic “Blurry”?

At once, you might say to me to thank the monkey to give such a beautiful pose, but it’s not as innocent as it looks. There’s a crazy story behind it.

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Windows8 might just kill Microsoft

Why windows 8 might begin something & just end itself? Microsoft telling to use PCs not in the Windows way!

image313I know the title sounds contradictory to my last blog post on Windows 8 (Windows 8: The Unseen Revolution). It’s not because Windows 8 is bad, but it’s because of something else, read on!

What you really get when you buy windows 8 is “the smartfone experience too” on a bigger screen. Basically, Microsoft has taken their Mobile OS, their apps, their signature theme (the tiles), their entire interface & merged with their Desktop OS “Windows 7”. Let me explain this step by step.

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It’s About the Angle at which you Aim at!

Sometimes it’s not about the aim but the “angle” at which you aim.

DSC00883~2Now what’s the great thing about this photo is that it’s not about the location, you can find it everywhere there’s a plant. What’s great is that how the flowers are seen at a correct angle to make a beautiful pic out of it. I wonder how beautiful things can be, when seen at a different angle.

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The Biggest Lesson Of My Life

I was just returning from college & I saw a person – a really poor person handicapped from waist down, was on board driven by wheels. He was dragging himself along the road amidst the burning sun & pollution. Seeing that awful sight I asked to myself – Why does he even want to live? There’s nothing but misery & pain. No family – no one to even help him cross that road. What does he get from working that hard just to live each day? Continue reading “The Biggest Lesson Of My Life”

Nokia crunches some white Apple

Nokia regresses adopting the Apple Way!


With Nokia taking a beating in the smartfone market with it’s Symbian & Windows OS, it was time to get back in the game. Now Nokia had two options – go the glamorous way as in Apple’s iOS or go for the “smart” Google’s Android, Nokia chose the former – another mistake!

Nokia in it’s new S40 series failed to understand what a smartfone means – A smarter device not a more attractive one. Take for example the Nokia Store – better interface indeed – but where are the apps. What kind of smartfone it is which can’t play any of the Office files. But that’s not the end of story. I got a mail from Nokia about the extensionsit can’t support. But what I find few months later – my device can support all the Office files – courtesy an app just released, though it was one of the worst apps of its kind. Clearly, indicating how crippled the hopes of Nokia’s own smartfone OS is! Plus rejection of .sis files  meant, no pirated apps available either.

So not in agreement with the Nokia’s tagline – Ready to take on the world!

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