Nokia crunches some white Apple

Nokia regresses adopting the Apple Way!


With Nokia taking a beating in the smartfone market with it’s Symbian & Windows OS, it was time to get back in the game. Now Nokia had two options – go the glamorous way as in Apple’s iOS or go for the “smart” Google’s Android, Nokia chose the former – another mistake!

Nokia in it’s new S40 series failed to understand what a smartfone means – A smarter device not a more attractive one. Take for example the Nokia Store – better interface indeed – but where are the apps. What kind of smartfone it is which can’t play any of the Office files. But that’s not the end of story. I got a mail from Nokia about the extensionsit can’t support. But what I find few months later – my device can support all the Office files – courtesy an app just released, though it was one of the worst apps of its kind. Clearly, indicating how crippled the hopes of Nokia’s own smartfone OS is! Plus rejection of .sis files  meant, no pirated apps available either.

So not in agreement with the Nokia’s tagline – Ready to take on the world!

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The Touch of New

The lightness of being a beginner!

Its fascinating how jubilant we feel whenever we undertake a new venture or like today, “a new year” or  practically for everything that has a “new” attached to it. But then why does that spark of the “new” fades.

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The Enigma Of Dating – The Diary of You

Expressing yourself help you to Understand yourself!

Expressing your heart is what I know to be the best way to have that connection between two people. It’s always the best thing to have that person in your life who is a complete dictionary of “you”. That reminds me of actually maintaining one – A DIARY.

I have never maintained a diary of my own. Thought I should have! But then a thought set in – writing my heart out to a diary – won’t that satisfy the need of my soul to express certain things that were actually meant to be expressed in front of my soul mate?

I believe that one must have a diary – an actual physical one or a person.

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A Western Concept, The Indian Effect – Love isn’t the 1st stage to a Relationship!

Don’t be so obsessed to have something that you make a commitment you can’t back out from.

Let me open up with a fact – Love isn’t the first stage to a relationship, it is a stage to your relationship. The first step is knowing someone as a boy/girl friend.

Probably, all those who are in the first stage must be disagreeing with me.

So your relationship might have started with a friendship, then crush, then you asked her to be your girlfriend and you said i love you! Now think about this – Isn’t there a difference between a person as your friend and as your boy/girl friend? There is, right. So you said a person whom you have known only as a friend, ” I LOVE YOU ” and made all the future plans. May be you would have predicted that he/she would be great as your life partner. But only predictions!

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Windows 8 – The Unseen Revolution

Changing the perception towards TABLETS !


Note : Its recommended though not mandatory to read about the new features of windows 8 first!
I won’t entertain you with the NEW FEATURES that the software giants have produced! I would reveal the real game changer in tech world
Microsoft, the Software Giants, took a bang when it came to designing softwares for Smartfones. iOS & Android ruled it all!!
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