I can never Hate a person, coz I cannot Hate myself.

I hope after reading my blogpost, you will think about every person you’ve ever hated. Every person you’ve judged as bad and Think about FORGIVING them, Giving them a Chance. Hatred makes you emotionally unstable. Sometimes obsessed with revenge. I hope you get yourself out of this pit of emotional instabilities.

I can never truly hate a person. It may look like that I hate a person, but I actually don’t. I may enjoy the grumbling, especially when there’s a group of people fueling it, but who doesn’t.

The point being even though the evidences are clear and I have every reason to hate a person, I can’t.
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A Western Concept, The Indian Effect – Love isn’t the 1st stage to a Relationship!

Don’t be so obsessed to have something that you make a commitment you can’t back out from.

Let me open up with a fact – Love isn’t the first stage to a relationship, it is a stage to your relationship. The first step is knowing someone as a boy/girl friend.

Probably, all those who are in the first stage must be disagreeing with me.

So your relationship might have started with a friendship, then crush, then you asked her to be your girlfriend and you said i love you! Now think about this – Isn’t there a difference between a person as your friend and as your boy/girl friend? There is, right. So you said a person whom you have known only as a friend, ” I LOVE YOU ” and made all the future plans. May be you would have predicted that he/she would be great as your life partner. But only predictions!

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