Put a Bullet Through my Head

Being a Teenager or anyone who is trying to discover oneself or the world outside, comes accross various observations, ideas, dilemma. This article is an excerpt of what goes in my Brain!

Thoughts rising in my mind, about to collide. Looking to define the world outside & inside me. Looking to make a change. Being ambitious, more and more. I’m believing in my thoughts. My thoughts are believing in me. I think I can do it.

But then the collision occurs. The moment of impact launches me into reality. Are my thoughts right? Can I do it? Can my thoughts do it? Can they change the world?

I’m getting nervous. Losing confidence in me being able to live my ambition! They were right, Ambition is the enemy of Success; realising it over and over again. So I think all I should want is some satisfaction at the end.

But living my perfect version of life is what gonna make me satisfied. Having known that I seized the moment. So I think my ambition isn’t about the goal, it’s about the journey. That perfect way.

So what is it?

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It’s About the Angle at which you Aim at!

Sometimes it’s not about the aim but the “angle” at which you aim.

DSC00883~2Now what’s the great thing about this photo is that it’s not about the location, you can find it everywhere there’s a plant. What’s great is that how the flowers are seen at a correct angle to make a beautiful pic out of it. I wonder how beautiful things can be, when seen at a different angle.

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Nature Is Not Our Slave, She Is Our Mother

ImageI was just digging some old stuff when I found one of my favorite speech that I had written as a conclusion to my presentation on pollution in my city. Here It Goes….

One thing I realized that

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