Be a Hopeless Romantic!

A Great Story always features love. Love for a Person, for a Work, for Country, for.. Basically Anything!

A Great Story always features love. Love for a Person, for a Work, for Country, for.. Basically Anything!

So one day you decide you will follow your heart, no matter what. And in your quest, you are filled with Love and Passion. You try to be honest to yourself hence taking decisions you never thought you would.

So you walk on a path nobody taught you should. But, life gives you no assurances. There’s no absolute sign if you are truly following your heart or not. If you are truly filled with passion.

You will feel alone. You may be surrounded by sadness. You may feel lost. And, you start questioning if you were truly following your heart all this while?

That’s a hard place to be at. Tough. I don’t know what to do at that moment. But, I still hope “one day, you take the decision to follow your heart, No matter what! Coz every great story features Love.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How to make your life better these Vacations?

I see people, post their exams & results, in this three avatars:

1. Walking on the path they set for them.

2. So far so good, but have no idea of what’s next.

3. Performed terribly & have no idea how to bounce back.

Now, you would rank these conditions as 3 being the worst & 1 the best. But I wouldn’t!

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How I met my “love for Softwares”?

What are my interests? Is software engineering best suited or some other like a filmmaker? Can I do it for my entire life? Can I be more lively doing it?

If you’ve read my blog post (Awake for Almost 40 hrs, still couldn’t sleep!), you probably have a good idea of my last two years.

Here’s a gist: I wanted to go to an IIT (Group of Top Engineering Institutes in India). Due to exaggeratingly interpreted facts leading to a lot of unrequired pressure, I decided to put aside everything, even “programming”, to prepare myself for the entrance exams. Haven’t typed a line of code since 1.5 years, I realized that I no longer have interest in Softwares. I was completely doomed as the reason I came out to an alien city & dedicated 2 years of my life no longer exists.

Now when you lose your primary passion, your other interests come to the surface. Here’s a list of mine:

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