What Rooting does to your Smartfone? (in simple terms)

Fact: We have been using Rooted Devices all along. Windows, Macs, etc. are all rooted operating systems. And if some day, Microsoft/Apple decide to unroot their OS, we will be doomed! But, sadly our “Pocket PCs” (smartfones are not rooted) !

What is Rooting (in Layman’s Terms)?


When you buy an android, you buy a stack of resources. Now, Google creates tools or APIs which the apps use. For example, Google creates a tool to allow widgets in the lock screen and developers create apps to take advantage of that. Apps need APIs to do their job.

Android is based on Linux. So developers can rather create APIs required by their apps so as to get the job done instead of waiting for Google to create them. But when you root the device, the apps do not have to rely on the set of tools. They can directly access the resources according to needs. So, now, now you can have widgets even in the Notifications Bar.

Now, people often restrain from rooting coz it voids warranty. Now the question lies is how risky is to take the leap of faith and root?

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