What is so special about this scenery that I want my audience to see?


These two pics are actually parts of the same Scenery. I just had a digi-cam at my disposal & this shot was too wide for the lens. I didn’t wanted a panorama pic either. So I decided to break it into two. Now how to break it. For this I asked a question to myself:

What is so special about this scenery that I want my audience to see?

So I neatly divided the pic into:

The beautiful bushes (frankly, I don’t know what they were) hanging over the water from high up.

The text-book pic involving an old bridge curving across the river.

Here it was, a beautiful pic to which I even got a compliment: “I will definitely paint these pictures.” That was a moment when I really valued my talent for photography!

Venue: Palace Of The Lost City, Suncity, South Africa


I wish I had a DSLR for this Pic

I was in the biggest mall of the world – The Dubai Mall, when I took this pic. It was some 5 years ago, when the days-passed since I first held a Digicam could be counted on your hand. Continue reading “I wish I had a DSLR for this Pic”

Why is this Pic “Blurry”?

At once, you might say to me to thank the monkey to give such a beautiful pose, but it’s not as innocent as it looks. There’s a crazy story behind it.

Click to download the original High Resolution Pic. Continue reading “Why is this Pic “Blurry”?”

It’s About the Angle at which you Aim at!

Sometimes it’s not about the aim but the “angle” at which you aim.

DSC00883~2Now what’s the great thing about this photo is that it’s not about the location, you can find it everywhere there’s a plant. What’s great is that how the flowers are seen at a correct angle to make a beautiful pic out of it. I wonder how beautiful things can be, when seen at a different angle.

Click here to download the original, full resolution (4000×3000) pic or download directly from the “download my work” widget.

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